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15 May

Kirkus Review

Author: Bracken, Alexandra
Imagine a not-too-distant future in which 98 percent of America’s 10- to 17-year-olds have fallen victim to disease, and the remaining 2 percent are imprisoned in “rehabilitation camps,” thanks to a paranoid government that fears the powers they possess.

In this haunting novel, 16-year-old Ruby joins up with a small group of fellow camp escapees in search of the Slip Kid, a near-mythical figure who promises shelter and protection for kids on the run. Ruby is hoping for even more—someone to help her understand and control the tremendous power she possesses. Bracken (Brightly Woven, 2010) creates a gripping and terrifying dystopian world. Ruby is a reluctant heroine, strong yet vulnerable in equal measure, who will endear herself to readers. Each member of the small band of runaways traveling with Ruby is equally compelling and distinct, making the danger they face all the more terrifying. If readers can force aside nagging questions about the origins of these empowered teens and any implied connection between their powers and the illness claiming their peers, they are in for a great ride.

Be prepared—the darkest minds do indeed “hide behind the most unlikely faces.” (Dystopian thriller. 14 & up)

Thanks, Anonymous KirkusReviewer!  That’s awfully nice of you to say.  Though, duh, of course I’m not going to tell you the full story about the illness (if it even IS an illness muwahaha) and how it all works in book one.  Gotta leave a little mystery for Sequel!

Kirkus has their 2012 BEA Big Book Guide up for everyone to read for free (Why are you being so nice Kirkus?  You’re making me nervous.), if you’d like to spend your afternoon reading reviews.  The Children’s/Teen section is at the end, so I’d recommend flipping to the back cover and going through it backwards. 

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