a spy in the house of love

author alexandra bracken

22 Aug

Sequel Update

Because obviously you guys were super stressed about this, too:

My editor is a saint! I cut about 30,000 words from the first draft of the story before I sent it to her, but most editors are not super thrilled to have a 159,000 word book land in their inbox. Most of the cutting was at the line level (I tend to overwrite/choreograph scenes when I really don’t need to), but I did condense a few scenes and completely wipe out one or two others. I’m definitely ready to cut more, but I need another person’s opinion. Editor Emily is SUCH a champ. Hopefully it’s not a total hot mess. I think I’m going to have to send her some booze and/or chocolate after she gets through this one. I’m just proud and happy about the fact that I finished this book despite this awful year and the terrible writing funk that came with it.

I thought about trying to outline book 3 while I’m on vacation (I’m in Virginia Beach—suck it, Ruby! [just kidding, that is awful of me]), but I’m just messing around with a few other projects that have been on the back burner for a while. What are you guys working on?

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