a spy in the house of love

author alexandra bracken

31 Oct
Ruby was nine years old when the IAAN virus struck, killing an estimated 98% of adolescents across the U.S. Many of those who survived developed psychic abilities and face a perilous future, locked in brutal work camps. There are five categories of survivors, ranging from the less threatening Greens and Blues, with photographic memories and telekinetic powers, to the more powerful and dangerous Oranges and Reds. Ruby, now 16, is an Orange who has posed as a Green, and struggles to control her ability to see into others’ minds. When an antigovernment group breaks Ruby out of her camp, it’s the first step on a violent, unpredictable journey during which she forms a family of sorts with a group of fellow runaways. Bracken (Brightly Woven) has created a gritty, economically devastated near-future America where children are hunted and feared, and danger lurks even in the aisles of an abandoned Wal-Mart. Ruby is a strong and sympathetic heroine, and the story’s quick-paced action leads to a heartbreaking cliffhanger that will have readers eager for the next book in this planned trilogy. Ages 12–up. Agent: Merrilee Heifetz, Writers House. (Nov.)

Super excited about the Publishers Weekly review of THE DARKEST MINDS.  Thanks PW!  And now I shall return to making Ruby’s life even more miserable.  Also, bless this poor Anon Reviewer for trying to condense everything about this book down in a few sentences.

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