a spy in the house of love

author alexandra bracken

29 Jan


"Oh, I’m a second floor Swemmer."


"Sometimes I think of President Reveley as Dumbledore."

17 Oct

YES.  I’m so excited someone uploaded a video of the Panhellenic Toast that W&M does.  I’ve been trying to explain it people forever, but it seems like we’re the only school that does it(?).

Basically, after a round of recruitment is over, all of the PNMs gather in the center of sorority court.  The different sororities come out of their houses with their arms up and humming (this is extremely alarming and somewhat creepy the first time it happens, since it’s usually at night), and then they launch into song.  As rush goes on, the unofficial rule is that you stand in front of the house you’re hoping to get a bid for.

They also do a senior toast, where all of the graduating seniors stand in the center while the others serenade them.  It’s a really sweet tradition, but by the end of recruitment you’re singing it in your sleep. 

Here’s Kappa’s verse (stars at 2:28):

And here’s to Kappa Gamma and to her key of gold.
Unlocking love and loyalty her bond will ever hold.
The beautiful and good to us will always be
The blue and blue, the friendships true of KKG!