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17 Apr

TDM Pre-order T-shirts

FYI: These were all mailed yesterday!  Hopefully all of you in the U.S. will receive them by Monday.  International folks… I have no idea, but hopefully soon! If you didn’t get the size you requested, I apologize! I had to make a few substitutions :(

17 Apr

Anonymous asked: Sorry if this has been asked already, but I was wondering if you know about any special editions of book #3? Like a signed edition or something? Thanks!! :)

No special editions as far as I know…

17 Apr

Anonymous asked: Wait, is Liam's hometown Wilmington, NC? I was born there!

That’s where he grew up, but not where he and Cole were born. :)

17 Apr

Anonymous asked: did Clancy rape ruby? because it always bothered me that I never knew

I think I’ve answered this one a million times at this point. I’m going to quote what I said here (here’s the same answer in a slightly different way—remember to check the tags here on my Tumblr, too)

This scene is tricky and meant to be a little ambiguous, as Ruby passes out and the reader can’t be privy.  Here’s what we do know: Clancy gets more and more and more intoxicated by the power that he has over Ruby as the scene goes on. When he comes onto her, it’s more a matter of dominating her mind than physically assaulting her through sexual intercourse. He does make unwanted advances, and he does force her into kissing him, but I promise you that if he had taken it that far, it wouldn’t have glossed over it. Ruby would have described the aftereffects—the pain, aches, bruises—at the very least.

15 Apr


I wrote a song for Alexandra Bracken’s WONDERFUL book The Darkest Minds. I HOPE YA’LL DIG IT. It’s called “Paper Masks” and it’s about Liam and Ruby and Bracken’s tragic but strangely beautiful (but mostly tragic) ending that kept me up crying. 

Follow you.
Go back to the place I never knew.
It’s better this way.
Don’t look back, close your eyes. 
A beautiful face.
Hides the darkest of minds. 

Wonderful, thanks!!

14 Apr

Anonymous asked: Hello! So, as weird as this sounds, I think im in love with Clancy. Hes the bad guy, I know..but hes just, ugh! *heart flutters* I wanted to know if YOU like Clancy, despite his character. I mean, would you want him dead like most of your readers do?


14 Apr

havanahdaydreaming asked: My friend is reading Never Fade and my advice about continuing it was "Good luck and Rememember: Never get too attached to any characters because you don't know when they will Fade (See what I did there with the First and Last words?)"


14 Apr

Anonymous asked: So I've read TDM more times than I can count and whenever I get to the point in the book where Ruby, Liam, Chubs, and Zu are talking to those boys who had been with the slip kid, Liam says they offered information for something. "Liam looked down at the ground. 'Greg made us an offer-a trade-but we turned him down.'" I was wondering what the trade was. I've always assumed it was information for Ruby, but I wanted to be sure.

Basically, yes. They were being creeps (as Liam and Chubs immediately detected).

14 Apr

Anonymous asked: Hi Alex! I'm literally SO addicted to your book right now and I was just wondering.. Are any of your characters based off anyone you know? personality, looks etc? Or did they just pop into your mind? Thanks!

They popped into my mind fully formed like Athena did to ol’Zeus. Definitely not based on anyone I know (though I borrowed the name Vida from a friend, they are polar opposites). 

14 Apr

Anonymous asked: How did you come up with the names for the Psi camps?

With the exception of Black Rock (mentioned in NF) they’re all named after the places they’re located in. So Thurmond is in Thurmond, West Virginia. Caledonia is Caledonia, Ohio. And so on and so forth.

P.S. Places in The Darkest Minds

13 Apr For the many people asking what kind of minivan Black Betty is, she’s a Dodge Caravan similar to the one above. Why this particular model? Because my mom had a silver/tan one for a large part of my childhood :)

For the many people asking what kind of minivan Black Betty is, she’s a Dodge Caravan similar to the one above. Why this particular model? Because my mom had a silver/tan one for a large part of my childhood :)

12 Apr


Inspired by x

09 Apr

the darkest minds characters + name meaning

06 Apr

Out of Town

Hi guys,

I’m traveling for work this week so I won’t be around much. If you’re one of the 560 people in my inbox waiting for a reply, I’m sorry! Make sure you check my Ask tag here on this Tumblr (use the links on the sidebar) to make sure I didn’t already answer your question before sending it a second or third time (which has been happening A LOT lately—one of the many reasons not to ask anonymously).

xx Alex

05 Apr

The darkest minds never fade in the afterlight.